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As the Marketing Director for Audi UK, Benjamin Braun has spearheaded some of the most innovative and intelligent campaigns for both the UK and international markets. A series of beautiful and emotive ads, instantly memorable for their repurposing of classic songs with a contemporary spin. Benjamin has a wide remit, responsible for creative development, digital innovation, social media, CRM and brand events, as well as the newly established Audi electric vehicle team. 

Prior to joining Audi, Benjamin was part of the’s executive team and worked across the UK, France and Holland. At British Gas he launched a nifty little app that lets you control your home from your phone. And before that he worked for American Express in New York. 

Benjamin’s personal achievements include his photography exhibition at the Tate Gallery in London and receiving the Royal Swedish Glass design award. Benjamin also volunteers as a Special Police Constable in London where he responds to emergencies. 

He lives in London with his wife and is father of two young boys, and soon a little girl. “I’m not smart,” he says modestly. “I just wear glasses.”