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Andrea Roman-Perse, short version: Studied in Berlin, moved to Prague. She got into production (PA, etc.). She started a production company in Prague. Worked also in feature film. Then she returned to Berlin, working as freelance producer all over the planet. And, 15 years ago, she joined BIGFISH and became a Managing Partner. Since then, Andrea produced a lot of award winning commercials with BIGFISH, amongst them: Golden Cannes Lion, One Show, D&AD Pencil, British Arrow, Grand Prix at the ADC Germany… And now BIGFISH scored hands down as Number 1 in this year’s Creative ranking of Germany’s Production Companies (Horizont 32/2014), which put BIGFISH in this year’s GUNN REPORT among the 20 most awarded production houses. Aside from the Masters Degree in Slavic Literature, which, for reasons unknown, did happen along the way, Andrea loves humor, stories and film –ideally in combination. She fell in love with a guy in New York, where she partly lives and has a family with two kids .