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South Africa

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Award-winning South African director Amy Allais was one of the founding partners of Ola! Films in 2007. She has gone through various phases in her commercials directing career, from massive choreographed dance spots, to comedy performance, to an utterly inadvertent specialization in kids and babies that has taken her all over the world.

After a brief youthful stint in the wilderness doing some colourful jobs like proof-reading the births and deaths column of the Sunday Times and teaching English to immigrants from other African countries, she graduated from AFDA film school in 2000, and went straight into directing a show for KTV, which was truly a baptism by fire. She started directing commercials full-time in 2005, and has barely stopped for a breath since.

For a bit more about her personal life, here is an excerpt from her Tinder bio a few years ago, before she got swept off her feet by a dashing 6’3” Jew:

– Run towards: the water, cooking feasts for friends, whiskey, riding a bike, exploring a new city, listening to podcasts, laughing long and loud, crisp cotton.
Try to avoid: the shallow end, chain restaurants, driving a car, getting lost in parking lots, commercial radio, pseudo spiritual platitudes, polyester.

And that about sums it up for Amy.