Founder & Executive Producer

South Africa

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Having graduated from AFDA (The South African School of Motion Picture) in 2003, Adam Thal wasted no time in setting up his commercial production company with his late business partner, Ryan Poole. The Star Film Company was born while in his honours year at AFDA and 15 years later is considered one of the top production houses in South Africa with a multimillion rand turnover.

Besides for running the business, as Executive Producer, Adam manages a stable of 7 incredibly talented directors making sure that every job is delivered on time, on budget and to the highest level of quality! In his tenure his work has managed to pick up numerous trophies and awards from festivals around the world with the latest being a lion at the 2018 Cannes Lions.
Besides for these accolades, Adam has been fortunate enough to produce work across the globe. From Los Angeles to Accra, Cairo to Cape Town, Moscow to Nairobi, and many more. The excitement for Adam is the lack of the mundane office cubicle and that each day brings a new adventure. 
Adam’s expertise lie in the business side of film making and knowing when to spend and when to cut deals. Putting the money in front of the camera and making sure scheduling and logistics is always on point. Over his time in the industry, Adam has made a great name for himself as Executive Producer and is a well respected individual amongst his clients and peers.
Being in an industry you love, makes work fun and for Adam, there is nothing more rewarding than turning your passion into your business.
“All Our Dreams can come true, if we have the passion to pursue them” – Walt Disney